Introducing AquaClad

AquaClad Suitable for Showers, Bathrooms and Wet Rooms

More hygienic and easier to maintain than tiles. Excellent protection against bacteria and stains.

  • Suitable for wet and dry areas
  • Simple and quick to fit
  • Full range of accessories available
  • Easy to clean and hygienic
  • A cost-effective alternative to tiling
  • Non-porous and mould free
  • Virtually maintenance free
  • Suitable for domestic installations

AquaClad Installation

Installation instructions are available from TBS and are also included within the product packaging.

AquaClad Installation

  1. Start by fitting an End U Cap or Scotia Trim as required to the wall.
  2. Apply a continuous thick bead of adhesive around the periphery edge of the panel (50mm in from the panel edge), followed by further horizontal beads of adhesive spaced at 450mm centres across the back of the panel. Angle the panel edge fully into the previously fixed starting profile trim and firmly locate the panel onto the wall so that the adhesive on the back of the panel makes full contact with the wall at all points. Where a timber batten frame system has been fixed to the walls apply the beads of adhesive to the battens first rather than the back panel and then locate the panel in the same manner onto the adhesive/battens.
  3. Apply panel adhesive to the reverse of the next panel and fully insert the panel’s tongue into the previous panel’s groove adding a small silicone bead at the joint.
  4. If H type mid-joint trims are being used to cover panel joints the H joint profiles adhere using panel adhesive.

AquaClad Fixing Options

TBS Aquaclad PVC Waterproof Panelling is fixed by adhering the panels to an appropriately sound, flat and plumb sub surface. If the sub surface is uneven then a timber batten frame system should be installed to give a suitable sub surface to adhere to. The full product installation instructions are supplied with every panel, and are also available via TBS.

AquaClad Fixing Options

AquaClad Décor

AquaClad Decor


Tongue & Groove PVC Panels Height x Width Thickness Price
All DÉCOR colours 2400mm x 1000mm 10mm £55.00

Prices exclude VAT

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