Your very own polycarbonates superhero has landed!

Our brand new mascot represents everything we think is great about TBS; Ted aspires to be quick to please, he’s honest, reliable and ready to tackle any problems or questions you have about polycarbonates.

As well as this, he will also be bringing you excellent offers and deals to show how much we appreciate our customers, providing them with even better value for money. Keep an eye out for the exciting competition that Ted will also be hosting, the details of which shall be revealed at a later date.

We think it’s important that you feel fully supported at every stage of the process. TBS Ted will always be there to help you with a problem and even has his very own LinkedIn page so you can contact him directly, with the knowledge that you’ll receive the best advice at lightning speed.

He’ll play a vital role within our team of polycarbonate experts and with great power comes great responsibility. Like any other superhero Ted has a mission; to make sure you get what you want on time and where you need it, and he’s certainly ready for the challenge.

We’re so pleased with our new mascot; we’ve turned him into an air freshener! Claim yours today on our website and have a personal superhero in the car with you.

Look out for Ted’s offers coming soon.

Connect with Ted on LinkedIn here.


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