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A low cost, light weight, short term signage and packaging sheet. Temporary floor and wall protection.

Finishing & Fabrication Available

  • Saw Cutting
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Temporary signs, protective packaging, packaging, temporary floor and wall protection.


  • Lightweight
  • Recyclable
  • Cost effective
  • Easy to fabricate

Technical Data

Fire Rating:
BS476 Part 7: Class 4

Product Options

Sheet Size / Thickness (mm) 2mm 4mm 6mm 10mm
2440 x 1220mm
2440 x 1220mm
2440 x 1220mm

Technical Specifications

Description Corex is an extruded board made from polypropylene co-polymer granules
along with additional components to confer specific characteristics to the product.
Nominal Weight Board weight and thickness can be engineered to cater for specific requirements
such as enhanced compression characteristics.
Thickness Corex board is available in 2mm, 3mm, 4mm, 6mm and 10mm thickness.
Dimensions Corex utilises standard board conventions when specifying length and width, i.e.
the first dimension (f) is the flute length and the second dimension is the width
across the flutes.
Mullen Bursting Strength Corex does not burst in the Mullen Tester.
Combustibility Polypropylene is a combustible thermoplastic material. The products of combustion
are carbon dioxide, carbon monoxide, smoke and low concentrations of breakdown
and oxidation products such as formaldehyde. Fire precautions consistent with
regulatory codes and standards for comparable materials should be observed.
Toxicity Corex is chemically unreactive and is generally regarded as being biologically inert.
However, coloured grades docontain additives that could be harmful, and ingestion
is not recommended. Direct skin contact with Corex does not normally lead to
skin irritation.
Inflammability (Data on resin used in extruding Corex)
Minimum self-ignition temperature ca 375 deg C (ASTM D 1929)
Minimum flash-ignition temperature ca 310 deg C (ASTM D 1929)
UL flame class 94HB. Oxygen index 17.4% – 18% (ASTM D 635)
Softening temperature ca 144 deg C. Crystalline melting point ca 160 deg C.
Flame retardant grade to BS 2782 Method 508A (1970 Rate of burning) and
LPS1207 : Issue 1 : 1994
Resistance Corex is inert to most mineral and organic acids, oils, greases and alcohols.
It causes very little abrasion and is resilient and shatter proof. It is totally impervious
to water.
Flexing A property of Corex is its outstanding resistance to flex fatigue.
Durability Corex does not rip or tear and is virtually indestructible. It is photodegradable.
Light Transmission Translucent grade 75%.
Cutting Corex can be cut with a Stanley Knife, electric saw, guillotine or platen.
Joining Stapling, ultra-sonic welding and silicone glues.
Colours Corex is available in primary colours from stock or special colours to order including
colour matching systems. Colours are not designed for outdoors light fastness.
Insulation Corex is a good acoustic and thermal insulator. Typical U-value 3.8 w/m2 deg C.
Corex is a CFC free product.
Quality Assurance We work to a quality management system commensurate to BS 5750 Part 2 (ISO9002).
Four Colour Use ink manufacturers recommended inks. To minimise expansion it is advisable to
run Corex through the drier prior to printing the first colour to warm the board to its
printing temperature. Run the drier at a low temperature and put all colours down in
quick succession to ensure the board temperature stays as constant as possible. These
precautions are necessary if register is to be maintained. Corex will expand by 1mm
per 1000mm length of board through 10 deg C rise in temperature.
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