Ogee Full Replacement Fascia (non Stock Item)

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Ogee Full Replacement Fascia (non-stock item)

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Code Description and Size Pack Qty Colour Price (Ex. VAT) Quantity
FC-OG-500-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia (non-stock item) Corner 500mm 1 White White £2.87
FCI-OG-300-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia (non-stock item) Internal Corner Ogee 300mm 1 White White £2.26
FJ-OG-500-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia (non-stock item) Joint 500mm 1 White White £2.95
OGFR150-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia 150mm 5m 1 White White £22.69
OGFR175-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia 175mm 5m 1 White White £23.68
OGFR200-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia 200mm 5m 1 White White £27.23
OGFR250-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia 250mm 5m 1 White White £35.89
OGFR300-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia 300mm 5m 1 White White £41.99
OGFR400-SW Ogee Full Replacement Fascia 400mm 5m 1 White White £57.75
"Really, really pleased with the bi-fold door I had off you guys. Fitting went well and the door also had some great quality features that are new to me."
Glenn Fobbester
"We were recently commissioned to re-glaze a steel lean-to on a listed building that posed a number of issues including: *The original wired glass no longer rated as safety glass and could pose a serious risk in the event of breakage. *The steel glazing bars weren’t uniform. *Handling risks *Breakage Having considered a variety of options, we found the answer with TBS - 6mm Lexan. Unlike glass, Lexan is lightweight, won’t shatter, won’t split & can be cut on site if required. Available in cut sizes, and clear or obscure finish. TBS delivered when they said they would, and all the sheets were cut accurately to the required dimensions, making installation very straightforward.   I would highly recommend TBS, and will definitely be using them for future projects."
Simon Jackson
"Friendly, knowledgeable and approachable with a guarantee of quality."
Catherine Thomas
"From past experience I know that when I email tbs I will get a quick response to my query and it is resolved quickly. That makes me very Happy!"
"If I place an order for the next day, TBS have not let me down yet. That counts for a lot when a customer has an urgent requirement – it helps our “can do” attitude"
Philip Harben
"Whenever I've called regarding orders or quotations, I've always been met with a friendly and professional reply. Moving from our previous supplier to TBS has been a breath of fresh air"
Alan Bell
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