UPVC Windows: A Complete Guide

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UPVC (unplasticised polyvinyl chloride) is a form of plastic commonly used for building projects. It is created from a hard and inflexible material and these qualities make it suitable for application in installments such as pipework and window frames.

UPVC is proven to provide excellent performance and durability and requires very little maintenance which is why it’s such a suitable material for window fixtures. Not only that but it’s also thermally efficient, sound insulated and good value for money.

So if uPVC already sounds like a great option for your window fittings, we’ve got everything else you need to consider before you invest below:


What to consider when buying uPVC windows?

UPVC is a strong, long-lasting and versatile material that is widely used in projects all across the United Kingdom. Due to its positive attributes, more and more consumers are choosing to have uPVC products installed in their homes. It’s already used as a forerunner for conservatories and doors but it’s also widely used for windows. But what do you need to consider before you buy?



When you buy almost any product it’s imperative that it comes with some form of guarantee to ensure you’re secured in the unfortunate event of a problem. When it comes to your home and uPVC windows, it’s important that you can trust they’ll do the job properly.

That’s why choosing a business that stocks uPVC with a coverage of 10 years from the date of installation is a smart choice. TBS’ Linear products are covered against cracking, warping and discolouration so you can rest assured your uPVC will look great for years to come.


Energy Efficiency

TBS’ Linear uPVC window range can save you energy and money. Our products are specifically designed to utilise the most natural heat source of all: the sun. Our energy efficient windows have multiple energy saving components that make them perfect for achieving that A+12 energy rating.

The tight weather seals ensure that no chill or water can come in during unfavourable weather whilst the glass allows light and heat to pour in. This is due to the transparent metallic coating that covers the window, thereby retaining the warmth and reducing the energy needed to provide other methods of heat to your home.

Back to the A+12 energy rating though! Compared to other C rated windows on the market, Linear uPVC windows can save households enough yearly energy to run a full-sized A++ fridge freezer constantly and do a 2kg wash every other day for a year.


Environmental Impact

UPVC windows are also better than their alternatives for their consideration of the environment. The Linear range of uPVC windows are 100% lead free and we’re one of the few stockists that can say we provide products with that quality.

Not to mention that the already mentioned energy saving means customers will be reducing their carbon footprint daily, a conscientious aspiration in this day and age. Plus, if ever the windows should need to be disposed of they are completely recyclable.



When it comes to windows, security is a huge point of concern for many consumers. That’s why Linear products are fitted with Yale locks (the world’s favourite lock manufacturer).

The shoot bolt window lock used in our range has been secure design accredited by police preferred specification and even comes with a £1,000 home content insurance coverage should the lock be broken during a home invasion.


Style and Design Profiles

As an exterior feature of a home, windows are more than just an opening to the outside or inside world. Their perceivable design plays a key role in bringing together the look of a building and can tie together a theme of a design.

UPVC products are not only resilient, hard-wearing and easy to install with the right level of skill but they look good too. Their simple but effective features are neither overbearing and with the right choice of style can suit practically any build.

There are plenty of style and design options available that can be customised to the requirements of a project. For high standard finishes all around, Linear products are hand-finished by experienced craftsmen.

Every measurement is checked and measured and each groove is looked over for consistency. So whether it’s an urban townhouse, rural cottage or a luxury home uPVC is designed to impress.

Linear uPVC windows are also provided in a wide range of profile colour options e.g., white, ivory, burgundy, dark green and so many others. A wide choice of glass is available as well, varying from chantilly to digital to sycamore. Each style provides a unique flair for the specific build required.

Even in modern buildings, our products can provide a reminiscent feel of older trends. Georgian Bar installments are built to add a touch of sophistication to any home. The bars sit within sealed glass to provide an elegant and refined look. Our Astragal Bar option contains precise end-milling and mullion sections that creates an aesthetic that replicates the sight of a real wood finish.

No matter the style and design, Linear windows are provided with triple glazing which hugely enhances security, sound reduction and keeps that favourable heat inside.

So now it’s clear how adaptable and customisable the components of TBS’ Linear uPVC windows are, the type of window must also be considered.


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Types of uPVC windows


Bay and bow

Bay and bow windows add unique character to your home. They have a well-finished contemporary design that preserves period charm whilst adding a subtle modern twist. By using ‘dummy sashes’ equal sightlines are created which enhances the appearance of your home.

A notable advantage of bay and bow windows is that they can transform flat windows into beautiful bow bay styles which enhances the space of the home. The joint couples fitted on the interior also prevent dust trapping which makes already simple maintenance even simpler.

The fitted cill is also welded together to make the appearance of only one single cill beneath all the uPVC frames, adding conformity and a smooth look.


Flush sash windows

Flush sash windows are considered the attractive, low maintenance and thermally efficient alternative to timber. Their aesthetic is based off the smooth finish of timber joinery and when closed the frame and sash sit completely flush.

This window sets itself apart due to the fact it’s a timber alternative with all the appearance qualities but none of the maintenance required. You’ll never have to sand, treat or paint it and they still look stunning in a property.

The hand finish really bolsters the artisanal look this type of window has.


Tilt and turn windows

These windows are a real security comfort. They’re attractive and functional and provide secure ventilation that doesn’t compromise on safety when opened. The concealed UNI-JET gearing is more secure than outdated face-fix gearing.

The clean, crisp lines are completely unhindered by the integrated hardware. Ideal for upstairs windows and high-rise accommodation, these windows still maintain the same soundproofed and resistant advantages.


Vertical sliders

Vertical sliders maintain a traditional look for their home by using their elegant design. Decorative sash horns enhance the design and can add to the aesthetic of an older home.

The operation is effortless with the spiral balance mechanism that counteracts the weight of the sliding sash. This form of windows floods the home with fresh air and light but doesn’t compromise on security or safety. Concern about the window dropping suddenly, especially on curious children, can be removed with optional restrictors fitted to the bottom sash that will stop the window sliding fully.


Sash horn windows

A slight alternative to vertical slider windows, sash horn windows are a slightly more refined alternative. With great security and weather resistance, these more traditional windows are an authentic feature that can maintain the integrity of a property.


French casement windows

Ever wanted to create a real integration between the inside and outside worlds? French casement windows really open your property to the world outside. When opened completely, the view is entirely unrestricted due to carefully integrated flying mullions.

With independent motion of master sash and slave sash, the window can be opened as little or as much as an individual wishes. A real advantage of this style of wide opening window is its ability to be an aid during a fire.
All of our range comply with FENSA building regulations but this window would make a fantastic addition on a lower ground habitable room or hallway.


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How to fit uPVC windows?

UPVC windows should be fitted by qualified builders as the installation can often require implementation of lintels for weight bearing or adjustments to the surrounding walls. To ensure the best finish to high quality uPVC, customers should use someone they trust to prevent any issues further down the line that could inhibit the capability of Linear’s uPVC window range.


What is a window cill?

Cills and Ancillaries complete the aesthetic and functionality of the fitted uPVC window frames. Cills such as the Novasil Window Board can completely refresh tired window cills. They have a high resistance to abrasion, scratching and some resistance to small burns such as those caused by cigarette ash. These cills are also light and easy to handle but don’t lack in UV and water resistance.

External and internal cills add structural integrity to a fitting and improve the energy efficiency so desires from uPVC windows. It helps to keep unfavourable chills and weather conditions out, simply furthering the already existing protection your windows already provide.


Where to buy uPVC windows?

At TBS we are committed to offering our customer base the highest quality products and service at the most competitive price in the UK marketplace. Our expansive range of windows can enhance your home and provide some of the best quality products in the fenestration industry.

We also know how important it is to get products fast so we do our best to perform. Standard products can usually be delivered within one to two weeks. However, for more complex items more time will be required.

Don’t just take our word for it about our quality service though. You can check out what other customers have said about us and see how some of our amazing products have been used to bring projects to life.
So if you’re interested in finding out more about our fantastic ranges or have any questions don’t hesitate to contact us on 01992 622 823 or email sales@tbspoly.com

Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at our trade counter. We’re open early at 6am, with knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your queries and provide free product samples if required.  We also deliver this material anywhere in the UK.


This article was written by William Gresswell

William started at TBS in 2008 after leaving upper sixth form working in fabrication and cutting, he started on the trade counter and has worked through to business development. William actually worked part-time at TBS during holidays from a young age until he officially started full-time. William has completed a 2-year advanced business management course, a course with the chartered institute of management accountants (CIMA) and holds City and Guild certificates in basic electrics, plumbing, brickwork and carpentry.

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