Here at TBS we are all about putting the customer first. Having over 24 years establishment, this concept has been filtered throughout the company to all members so that you are provided with what you need when you need it. The solutions we supply are based on the latest products and innovations, ensuring unrivalled excellence.

Nationwide Coverage and Deliveries

We offer a national delivery service throughout the UK normally within 48 hours from acceptance of an order instruction.

Products & Prices

TBS is committed to offering their customer base the highest quality product and service at the most competitive price in the UK marketplace.

Our Mission

  • To support you, our customer by pledging to supply you on time with quality products, exceptional service and all-around efficiency.
  • To ensure peace of mind, through well established and sustainable supply chains.
  • To continue to develop and offer to you the very best in product innovation to ensure that you have the best product choice designed for the harshest environments.
  • To offer you the very best of our support and knowledge so that you can make informed decisions based on our experience.
  • To value you the customer by promising to deal with you honestly and with integrity every time.
  • To continue building strong relations with our manufacturers creating trust, developing product knowledge, upholding open honest communications, developing our understanding of their capabilities, and procuring warranties and guarantees that can be assured to you the customer.
  • To listen to and understand the needs and issues of our customers responding with positive and creative attitude.
  • To ‘never say no’ but provide answers, options and solutions with innovation of our manufacturers abilities, with innovation of products and innovation of fabrication processes.


Our Vision

  • To pledge to commit substantial investment in product research and development.
  • To continually be driven by the desire to develop trade and business with you the customer.
  • To pledge capital and investment into facilities to hold vast stocks in one location to meet schedules and timescales set by you the customer.
  • To advance and develop our ability to innovate.


What makes TBS special…

Early Bird 6:30 AM Opening

Beat the traffic and competition with a bright early morning start at TBS, and enjoy a free refreshment to kick-start your day.

Full Delivery Service on all items

Too rushed off your feet to visit the trade counter? We offer a full delivery service on our whole range of building plastics.

In Stock Promise or a suitable replacement

At TBS we make every effort to ensure you get the right product at the right time, and that’s our guarantee.

The TBS Pledge: Choice, Speed, Quality, Value

It’s our pledge to exceed your expectations by offering extensive product Choice, Speed, Quality of service and Value for money.

Free Samples for tbs customers

See something you like, but not quite sure yet? Before you buy we can send you some free samples of any of our product range.

More Than 1200 products

Extensive range of more than 1200 products to provide a solution for every building plastic requirement on your project.

Ask our experts about any product

With over 60 combined years of experience on plastics in our sales team – our team are on hand for any query you may have.

Swift Customer Service

We aim to serve you 10 minutes from arriving. Less time at the builder’s yard means more time to get the job done on site.

Fully Certified ISO Supplier

Our ISO 9001, ISO 14001 & OHSAS 18001 certifications adds credibility, by demonstrating that our products and services meet the expectations of you, our customers.

Finishings & Fabrications
CNC Router

CNC Router

Up to 3m x 2m capacity, and a variety of different cutters achieving a wide range of cutting abilities in plastic and composite ali material.



Precision drilling can be done in any panel and any position with accurate and consistent holes. no restriction! specify what size you need.

Cold Bend

Cold Bend

We utilise a 600 ton press which has the capability or cold forming up to 10mm Polycarbonate. excellent for guards, screens, folded drip edges on glazing and canopies or structural bends on vertical glazing.

Edge Routing

Edge Routing

We specialise in edge routing, and are able to create any type of shaped edge. Most common is radius routing and chamfering, this produces a safe edge, perfect for wall mirrors, screens and exposed edges.

Line Bend

Line Bend

We use small and large strip heaters to form our bends. Mainly used for pre-bent panels for the hygiene cladding industry and bending acrylic and PETG for guards and /or point of display.

CNC Laser

CNC Laser

With up to 3m x 2m capacity and up to 20mm thick acrylic, we can produce large and small laser cut panels, intricate shapes and specialise in repeat cut components or panels.

Diamond Polishing

Diamond Polishing

A synthetic and diamond cutter take the top layer of the surface off to produce a glass clear and clarity edge. only available for clear acrylic.

Saw Cutting

Saw Cutting

With 6000mm x 2100mm cutting capability. Quick and efficient with accuracy down to 0.1mm ensures consistent and accurate material cutting.

Flame Polishing

Flame Polishing

A 1300°c degrees flame melts the surface and produces a glass smooth surface. Only available for clear acrylic.