Corex Floor Protection: Complete Guide (2022)

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Corex sheeting is hugely popular for providing temporary floor protection for the building, construction, refurbishment and decorating industries. What makes it a better protective solution than its paper and wood alternatives?


What is Corex?

Corex (or as it is sometimes spelt, Correx) is extruded board made from polypropylene co-polymer granules. Often referred to as corrugated plastic, this twin walled polypropylene sheeting provides complete surface protection to avoid damaging floors. This is particularly important for hard laminate, delicate wooden surfaces or other indoor surfaces when work is taking place. It’s also a popular choice for short-term signage applications and protective packaging due to its impressive durability and printing capabilities.

The Corex sheets here at TBS are available in white from stock or special colours to order, and because they’re suitable for printing you can have your company logo printed for additional brand promotion on site.

Both the weight and thickness of our Corex protection can be engineered to cater for specific requirements, such as enhanced compression, for example. Our standard Corex sheet size is 2440 x 1220mm and they’re available in a wide range of thicknesses from 2-10mm.


Corex for floor protection

So, why is Corex such a great contender for floor protection?

The flutes within corrugated polypropylene provide excellent impact protection, withstanding bricks, mortar, dropped tools, foot traffic and heavy machinery, all common within the building, construction and refurbishment trades. Once it is fitted using the traditional tape method, Corex provides good grip underfoot and won’t slide around on hard floor surfaces.

Corex material doesn’t burst in the Mullen Tester. This is used to measure the pressure required to puncture a sheet of paper or cardboard and establishes its load carrying capacity. When you consider this load bearing capacity and the fact that Corex is virtually impossible to rip or tear it’s easy to see why it’s the superior choice for durable floor protection. It also boasts outstanding resistance to flex fatigue, so you can even curve and bend it to fit not only floors but also walls, doors, stairs and windows.

By using a Corex system you can protect valuable surfaces from scrapes, knocks, scratches and spills. Whereas plywood and hardwood boards are difficult to manoeuvre, Corex is extremely lightweight and quick to install. Basically, when the job’s done, you can just pick up your floor protection in no time and move onto the next project.

Corex protection benefits summary:

  • Excellent impact protection
  • Slip resistance
  • Superior load bearing capacity
  • Virtually indestructible
  • Resistant to flex fatigue


Tips for installing Corex floor protection

Cutting Corex is simple, it can be cut on-site with a stanley knife or electric saw, or in advance with a guillotine or platen. If you need to join several Corex floor protection sheets together that’s no problem, joining can be done by stapling, ultrasonic welding and silicone glues. Always allow a bit more sheet if you are working out requirements using square meterage.

You will need 7.25m of tape per board for fixing to the surface, remember to tape each sheet to the floor on all sides as this guarantees 100% protection.

You can bend Corex easily along the direction of the flutes so it is often used with a strip (10-12 inches) up a wall, and the rest of the sheet on the floor. This then gives you nice protection around the base of the wall as well as on the floor.

Wooden hammer on the floor in construction site.


Is Corex waterproof?

Yes! Corex beats cardboard, plywood and hardwood floor protection in this respect too, as it is totally impervious to water. Being 100% waterproof and also inert to most mineral and organic acids, oils, greases and alcohols, you can rest easy in the knowledge that the surface you’re protecting is safe. Spills such as paint, drinks, glue and cleaning chemicals won’t impact its performance, and it can withstand regular wet foot traffic if workers are required to switch between outdoor and indoor work throughout the day.

As it is unaffected by moisture Corex can also be used outside if required, just be aware that the colour is likely to fade when left in the sun for long periods of time.


Is Corex fire retardant?

Our Corex sheets can be provided with flame retardant grade to BS 2782 Method 508A, the method of testing plastics for flammability. They are also certified to LPS 1207 : Issue 1 : 1994, known as Fire Prevention On Construction Sites: The Joint Code of Practice. This lays out the requirements for the LPCB Approval for fire performance of temporary protective covering materials for use in the interior of buildings. Any product which is flame retardant and meets with the Loss Prevention Certification Board’s (LPCB) standards is given LPS 1207 certification.

For further information on the fire retardant requirements for temporary floor protection, consult HSE’s guidance on Fire Safety in Construction.


Can Corex be recycled?

Unlike plywood, which is often sent to landfill owing to its toxic formaldehyde content, corrugated plastic is fully recyclable. Corex is perfectly suited to short-term applications as it can be reused several times over, due to its impressive durability and impact, tear and puncture resistance. Although cardboard is recyclable, this form of protection will not last long, so by choosing Corex sheets you are cutting down on having to restock so often. Over time plywood boards will start to rot; there’s no danger of this with Corex!



Where to buy Corex

You can purchase your Corex floor protection from TBS today! We keep a large stock and offer quick turnaround on orders so your products are there when you need them. We’re a family run business with a primary focus of providing our customers with outstanding service and accurate quotations.

Get in touch with your floor protection requirements through our enquiry form and we’ll get back to you promptly with a tailored Corex quote. We operate a national delivery service throughout the UK, normally within 48 hours from acceptance of an order instruction.

Alternatively, you can pay us a visit at our trade counter. We’re open early at 6am, with knowledgeable staff on hand to answer your queries and provide free product samples if required.  We also deliver this material anywhere in the UK.

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This article was written by William Gresswell

William started at TBS in 2008 after leaving upper sixth form working in fabrication and cutting, he started on the trade counter and has worked through to business development. William actually worked part-time at TBS during holidays from a young age until he officially started full-time. William has completed a 2-year advanced business management course, a course with the chartered institute of management accountants (CIMA) and holds City and Guild certificates in basic electrics, plumbing, brickwork and carpentry.

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    Hi, thanks for the question. The 4mm and 6mm correx would be fine for a semi-permenant sign and it is completely waterproof. The sheets come in 1220mm x 2440mm and we can cut them to size if you require. For up to date pricing please call one of the sales guys here and we will help you out and get your requirements sorted. Many thanks.

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    Hi can you use corex over a wood floor with underfloor heating on

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    Hi There, yes you can use it with Underfloor heating.

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