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We are extremely proud to be current stockists of the Plasiax™ brand where they excel in bringing superior sheet plastic products into todays world. TBS launched stocking Plasiax™ by exhibiting at the London Government Procurement Expo where there was a great response to the products, especially the innovative Plasiax™ Georgian Wire Polycarbonate which is an alternative for Georgian wire cast glass. Have a browse at the products by clicking on the links below or you can just search ‘Plasiax’ in the search box on our website.


plasiax-wire plasiax-pureplasiax-diamond

The LGPE was a great time for the team to showcase the products, there was a high interest in the new Plasiax™Wire Polycarbonate and visitors were impressed with the Plasiax™ Pure Hygiene system too. There were over 800 visitors at this show and it was a great place to network with potential customers to find out current issues within the local government procurement that we could help to solve by providing the right products.


To get the attention of the crowd and stand out we also created a video showcasing the Plasiax™ Wire and how it is a superior alternative to Georgian wire plate glass due to its strength, weight and how it can be fabricated so easily. Take a moment to have a look and see just how tough this product really is!



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