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Lean To Flashing Profile

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LTF-3B Lean To Flashing Profile 3M Brown 1 Brown Brown £37.42
LTF-3W Lean To Flashing Profile 3M White 1 White White £37.42
LTF-6B Lean To Flashing Profile 6M Brown 1 Brown Brown £74.77
LTF-6W Lean To Flashing Profile 6M White 1 White White £74.77
"Happy, vibrant work force ready and eager to help"
Jon Casey
"In an industry which can still be very male orientated, it is really nice to deal with a company who are always helpful, friendly, polite and above all patient, Tracey"
"You always seem to have what we need and are also prepared to go the extra mile"
Graham Green
"A very relaxed and happy company to deal with. Professional and always willing to help."
Sean Garwood, Manager
"When you’re working on a high profile job, you need to use the best quality products………… TBS polycarbonates are the company of choice…… thanks again guys!  "
Bert Hussein
"A friendly company who put customer service/satisfaction first"
Jayne Griffiths, Office Administrator
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