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Mirror Sheets

Acrylic mirror, at half the weight and five times the impact strength of plate glass mirror, offers all the benefits without the associated risk of breakages. Polycarbonate mirror benefits from being completely shatter resistant and is also half the weight of glass.

Finishing & Fabrication Available

  • CNC Router
  • Drilling
  • Edge Routing
  • Saw Cutting
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Lettering, POS, displays, shop fitting, safety mirrors, schools, gyms, halls and function rooms.


  • Shatterproof acrylic
  • Anti-vandal polycarbonate
  • Lighter than glass mirror

Technical Data

Polycarbonate Fire Rating:
BS476 Part 7: Class 1

Acrylic Fire Rating:
BS 476 Part 7 Class 4

Co-efficient of Linear Expansion:
DIN 53752 10-6/C° 60-70

Product Options

Sheet Size / Thickness (mm) 3mm 5mm 6mm
2440 x 1220mm
2050 x 1520mm
3050 x 2030mm
2440 x 1220mm
Acrylic-See Thru (Two Way)
2440 x 1220mm
Polycarbonate Silver
2440 x 1220mm

Technical Specifications

Property Test Method Units Polycarbonate Mirror
Specific Gravity/Relative Density ASTM D-792 1.2
Water Absorption ASTM D-570 % By wt 0.15
Tensile Strength ASTM D-638 psi 9,000
Tensile Modulus of Elasticity psi 345,000
Flexural Strength ASTM D-790 psi 13,500
Flexural Modulus of Elasticity ASTM D-790 psi 345,000
Compressive Strength ASTM D-695 psi 12,500
Izod Impact Strength – Moulded Notch ASTM D-256 ft-lb/in Notch 12
Izod Impact Strength – Milled Notch ASTM D-695 psi 16
Ball Drop Impact Pass
Gardner Impact (1/2” Diameter Dart) ASTM D-5420 >320
Deflection Temperature @ 264 psi (1.8 MPa) ASTM D-648 °F 270
Deflection Temperature @ 66 psi (0.45 MPa) ASTM D-648 °F 280
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion ASTM D-696 in/(in-°F ) x 10-5 3.75
Thermal Conductivity ASTM D-177 BTU-ft/(hr-ft2-°F) 0.1125
Flammability (Burning Rate) ASTM D-635 In/minute <1
Self-Ignition Temperature ASTM D-635 °F 1077
Flash Ignition Temperature ASTM D-1929 °F 872

Anti-ligature edge option available.

For more information please call our team on 01992 622 823 or email sales@tbspoly.com

"Always a good service from TBS"
John Monaghan
"In an industry which can still be very male orientated, it is really nice to deal with a company who are always helpful, friendly, polite and above all patient, Tracey"
"We were recently commissioned to re-glaze a steel lean-to on a listed building that posed a number of issues including: *The original wired glass no longer rated as safety glass and could pose a serious risk in the event of breakage. *The steel glazing bars weren’t uniform. *Handling risks *Breakage Having considered a variety of options, we found the answer with TBS - 6mm Lexan. Unlike glass, Lexan is lightweight, won’t shatter, won’t split & can be cut on site if required. Available in cut sizes, and clear or obscure finish. TBS delivered when they said they would, and all the sheets were cut accurately to the required dimensions, making installation very straightforward.   I would highly recommend TBS, and will definitely be using them for future projects."
Simon Jackson
"When you’re working on a high profile job, you need to use the best quality products………… TBS polycarbonates are the company of choice…… thanks again guys!  "
Bert Hussein
"Really, really pleased with the bi-fold door I had off you guys. Fitting went well and the door also had some great quality features that are new to me."
Glenn Fobbester
"thank you very much for the free gift i received yesterday it is always a pleasure dealing with t b s"
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