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Foam PVC

High quality foam PVC produced in the UK. A uniform expanded closed cell structure gives Palight an ideal combination of strength and durability. Also available in gloss finish to one face, this has the enhanced feature of being co-extruded with a high gloss front surface of the same colour.

Finishing & Fabrication Available

  • Drilling
  • Line Bend
  • Edge Routing
  • Saw Cutting
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Signs, POS, displays, exhibitions.


  • Quality surface
  • Lightweight
  • Easy to fabricate
  • The surface of foam PVC readily accepts screen and digital print
  • Perfect for applying vinyl cut graphics
  • PE film protection
  • Wide range of colours

Technical Data

Fire Rating:
BS476 Part 7: Class 1

Co-efficient of Linear Expansion:
DIN 53752 10-6/°C 60-70

Red, Yellow, Blue & Green

Product Options

Sheet Size / Thickness (mm) 1mm 2mm 3mm 4mm 5mm 6mm 8mm 10mm 13mm 19mm 25mm
2440 x 1220mm
3050 x 1220mm  •
3050 x 1560mm
3050 x 2030mm
Black & Grey
2440 x 1220mm
2440 x 1220mm
Gloss White
2440 x 1220mm
3050 x 1220mm
Gloss Colours
2440 x 1220mm
Property Test Method Units-SI Value

Technical Specifications

Property Test Method Units-SI Value
Relative Density* In-house g/cm3 0.65-0.70
Water Absorption ASTM D-570 % 0.5-0.8
Tensile Strength at yield ASTM D-638 MPa 16
Elongation at break ASTM D-638 % 30
Flexural Strength at yield ASTM D-790 MPa 28
Flexural Modulus* ASTM D-790 MPa 900
Charpy Impact Strength ASTM D-256 J/m 29
Shore D Hardness value N/A
Service Temperature* In-house °C -50 to + 100
Heat Distortion Temperature* In-house °C 63
Vicat Softening Temperature ASTM D-648 °C 75
Coefficient of Thermal Expansion* ASTM D-1525 cm/cm°C 6.70
Dielectric Strength ASTM D-257 Ω 5×10’
Surface Resistivity ASTM D-257 Ω-cm 2×10’

Notes: Foamed PVC has a self-extinguishing property. If ignited in air, it will die by itself. Subsequently, Foamed PVC complies with the most demanding fire resistance standards as indicated by these representative results.

The above tables cannot be directly compared due to the different test methods utilised, unless where indicated *. Relative density is stated for 3mm standard products.

Standard Classifcation
EN13501 B, s1, d0
BS 476 Part 7 Class 1
UL 94 V-0
NSP 92501,5 M-1, M-2
DIN 4102 B-2
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