Storm Crate

The Problems

We all know that when it comes to rain there can be serious consequences if the drainage is not up to speed, and they are never positive…….

Soakaways have been developed as an infiltration device in situations where it is not practical to make a connection into a sewer system for excess surface water. This used to be solved by simply excavating a large hole in the ground, filling it with rocks, rubble and all types of rubbish and then running a pipe into the middle of it all. What builders and the likes didn’t care about was when in a few years’ time, small particles of silt would be carried into the spaces between the rocks and fill them out, therefore completely decreasing the effectiveness of the soakaway. This could only be solved by one solution which is digging the whole thing up and starting again!

TBS’s Solution

We have recently taken into stock Brett Martins ‘StormCrate’ which is a modular geocellular unit used for below ground stormwater attenuation, surface water infiltration and soakaway systems. These super strong StormCrates are designed to be stacked together underground to create a structural holding tank or to allow the infiltration of stormwater into the ground around them. Below is a diagram showing some of the features and benefits of this product;


Please don’t hesitate to check out any of our other underground products and get in touch if there’s anything you cant see.

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